• We bring AI to the world.


    Increase deal sourcing efficiency, improve the due diligence process and maximise returns through identification of what drives success in venture capital investing

    Current investment funnel

    Corporate innovators and venture capitalists looking for great deals face some challenges:

    1. In screening, too much time is spend with startups that don’t match investor’s criteria (90% of deals)

    2. In due diligence, personal experience can lead to biases and impair decision making, thus making it hard to predict the chances for success.

    3. In scouting, few investors can generate proprietary deal flow with little or no competition from other investors


    We use advanced AI technology and combine public data sources with a vast amount of proprietary data from venture capitalists, especially on exit transactions.

  • We build solutions for venture investors:

    • Optimise the startup screening process by leveraging machine learning to find the 10% relevant applications out of larger deal flow

    • Provide decision support in the due diligence phase with automated reports and a success probability score which takes thousands of past transactions into account

    • Add proprietary deal flow of startups in the making and identify hidden gems that other investors don’t see


    We are passionate about leveraging data and artificial intelligence to make venture investing more efficient and free VCs for what they can do best.